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Open from 03.00pm  until 08.00pm

If you prefer a drier heat, our sauna is the right choice for you. The humidity in the sauna is only between 10 and 30%, but it will still get you sweating with temperatures between 60° and 95°C (140° to 200°F). This stimulates your circulation and cleanses your skin and body tissue.

The ancient Greeks understood the healing effects of combining heat and moisture. At a temperature between 40° and 55°C (104° to 131°F) and an ambient humidity of approx. 80-100%, the body is relaxed, cleansed, and replenished and your airways are freed. Our steam bath has a fragrance system to further enhance the positive effect.

The best way of taking heat while protecting your circulation is our tepidarium, a low-temperature sauna. The tepidarium heats the human body evenly, so that the body no longer has to generate its own heat and the energy saved can be used for general strengthening and recovery. The tepidarium is thus a preventive and healing form of treatment. Our tepidarium is equipped with a heated bench and couch with a special stone to hold the heat and a modular tube to carry the water. This promotes your circulation without placing it under excess strain and soothes your nervous system.

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