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Ammergauer Alps Meditation Trail

The Klosterhotel Ludwig der Bayer lies in the truly picturesque setting surrounded by the Ammergauer Alps and its sun-drenched peaks. The meditation path leads directly past the hotel and invites the hiker to spend some time reflecting in Ettal, home to the famous Ettal Abbey.

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The massive dome of the Ettal Abbey church climbs into the sky, reaching for the heavens. In 1330, Holy Roman Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian founded this monastery in a narrow valley at an altitude of almost 900 metres above sea level. He called it “frawen ê-tal”, which means “valley dedicated to the Virgin”.

Further information about “Station Ettal”

The organisation of the medieval monastery was as unusual as the twelve-sided Gothic central building and the square here in the valley. In addition to the monks and their abbot, the abbey was home to knights and their families and their underlings. The knights left in the 14th century.

In the early 18th century, a knights’ academy was set up in the monastery. It served primarily as a boarding school for the children of aristocrats from all over the Holy Roman Empire.

Going deep

It is true that the popular legend of King Arthur and the knights of the Holy Grail might have played a role in the design of the monastery.

King Ludwig II wrote the following lines to Richard Wagner: “In the distance at the end of the valley, the church at Ettal rises up from the dark pine-green. Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian was supposed to have built this church according to the plans of the Grail Temple at Mont Salvat … ”  He refers to Wolfram von Eschenbach’s legend “Parzival”, a knight of the round table of King Arthur, who, after much wandering, finds the Holy Grail.


Allow this sublime place and the imposing monastery complex to embrace your soul. We are invited to integrate the wonderful atmosphere of this sacred place.

What is special about this place? What emotions does it unleash? Did the builders working some 700 years ago succeed in integrating the monastery into its unique surroundings created by nature?

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of the Meditation Trail:

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